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Netphone – Landline – Make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles

Netphone Online

Get a new phone number and new Net Phone Landline connected over your broadband NBN plan or 5G, 4G or WIFI Plans. 


It’s simple to connect and easy to use, infact, you will not notice any different using an IP phone or a traditional analogue phone line that’s copper based.  Netphone VoIP phone numbers are purchased online with Netphone VoIP Residential and Business Phone Service.


You can connect to your IP phone number with your new login, username and password with IP.


Switch to the Netphone VoIP Local and Global Network that matters and above all works.  If you have an existing NBN plan or broadband plan then you will love using netphone VoIP service because you will find your self always online and always connected to Netphone VoIP. 


You can always switch easily from one router to another in one house or apartment.  As long as your router accepts network cable, cat5, cat6e cabling or WIFI cordless IP phones that are compatible with most modern networks then you will be sure that your Netphone VoIP phone connection will be able to make sure it calls and answers phone calls from wherever you are.  


As long as you got a reliable and good quality broadband internet, good quality router or 4G, 5G dongle via USB then you will be able to connect your IP phone over WIFI or various other technologies like Satellite or NBN.  Either way, no matter what IP phone or connection you connect to then you get connected in the finest way possible.  This is to ensure the best quality connection with the best quality hardware and/or softphone software for your compatible device.


Great Service – Great Quality – Great Expertise.

Netphone Online



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